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“Geodesign” VS “Planning Support Systems (PSS)”

My main purpose of starting this conversation is to explore ideas for a stronger collaboration between scholars and practitioners interested in Geodesgin and PSS.

What is the difference between Geodesign and PSS? Are we talking about two different things? I think so. I consider Geodesign as a “process” and PSS as “technologies or tools”. So, are Geodesign and PSS related? Of course!
• I see Geodesign as a process that is about the use of PSS in planning and design process.
• And, I consider Geodesign tools as examples of planning support systems.

I am not trying to define the meanings of the two terms here. I am trying to marry Geodesign and PSS, so that Geodesign practitioners/ scholars and PSS practitioners/ scholars can learn more from each other’s experiences and help with the growth of the field.
• What do you think?
• How do you think we can strengthen the collaboration between professionals interested in Geodesign and PSS? (if you think we should do so)

-- Posted by admin representing Dr. Nader Afzalan

Interesting point of view, that geodesign is really a subset of Planning Support Systems. I would be interested in hearing from others about this.