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Welcome to GeodesignWiki.com ... a volunteer supported wiki developed by an ever-expanding group of planning and design professionals interested in the subject of geodesign.

The purpose of this site is three-fold ...

  • to introduce the subject of geodesign, what it means, and some of its implications, particularly for those working with geo-spatial data,
  • to facilitate informed conversations about geodesign, and finally
  • to encourage others interested in geodesign to play an active role in the development of this nascent field.

We invite you to Join Us

The primary content of the site has been organized into twelve sections...

Context and Concepts

This section introduces the idea of geodesign, its broader context, its history, and what it means, particularly for those working with geospatial data.

Frameworks and Workflows

This section looks at the various conceptual frameworks and procedural workflows typically associated with geodesign.

Methods and Techniques

Various methods and techniques can be used to facilitate selected aspects of the geodesign process.

Tools and Technologies

This section provides an introduction to various hardware and software tools presently serving the broader geodesign community.

A number trends and agendas are currently imerging within the context of our social/technical culture that have to potential to impact the way we think about the scope and value of geodesign.

Applications and Case Studies

The following applications and case studies have been provided by individuals and organizations working in the field with geodesign.

Geodesign in Education

The various educational institutions currently supporting the development of geodesign as creditable field of study are providing valued leadership for the greater geodesign community. 

Issues and Expectations

The geodesign community consists of a wide variety of professionals, academics and agency administrators, each with their own set of issues and expectations. Some of these are addressed in this segment.

Research and Development

Numerous people have proposed research topics pertaining to the subject of geodesign. The research topics presented in this section are based, to a large degree, on the contents of those presentations.

Conferences and Events

This section references future and past conferences, workshops and other events focusing on geodesign related concepts, processes, methods, technologies and applications.

Forums and Conversations

This section provides access to three member-based communication applications:

Additional Resources

The following resources have been assembled to augment the contents of this website, providing our visitors and members with a broad range of ideas, technologies, and case studies pertaining to the development and subsequent application of geodesign.