Trends and Agendas

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A number trends and agendas are currently imerging within the context of our social/technical culture that have to potential to impact the way we think about the scope and value of geodesign.



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Artificial Intelligence


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Spatial Analytics

Paul Zwick, Leilei Duan

Spatial analytics helps to understand our world through mapping objects' locations, analyzing objects' relations, interpreting results, and supporting decision making. It is a locational analysis that utilizes both data geographic location and data attribute to analyze patterns or make predictions. More
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Internet of Things IoT


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Social Media


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Smart Cities


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The Science of Where

GIS is a framework for applying science to almost everything. The Science of Where is applying a data-driven approach that uses geography to unlock the understanding. More
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Global Infrastructure

Nations around the world face a growing challenge to plan, manage and pay for infrastructure essential to address major demographic changes and weather events accompanying a changing climate. This is a proposal for a multi-institutional, multi-national collaboration designed to make the case for the development of green infrastructure influenced by the 2015 Paris Agreement. More
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