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Numerous people have proposed research topics pertaining to the subject of geodesign. Stephen Ervin presented a paper at the Digital Landscape Architecture Conference in Dessau, Germany (Ervin 2015) outlining some of the research proposals being discussed at that tiime. The research topics presented in this section are based, to a large degree, on the contents of that presentation.

Registered visitors to this site are encouraged to express their opinions and ideas by leaving comments at the end of the proposal(s) that has sparked their interest.

The Scope of Geodesign

Dana Tomlin, Tom Fisher, Matt Wilson

Define the scope of geodesign, what it is and what it isn't. Determine its critical nature and the scope of its application. Can geodesign be used to help us address the grand challenges of out time? More
Geodesign 7

Comparing Geodesign

Kelleann Foster, Allan Shearer

Compare geodesign to similar design theories and processes. Determine what makes geodesign unique. More
PlanningProcess 1

Systems Architecture

Tim Nyerges, Mike Flaxman

Explore the overall system requirements (systems architecture) for supporting the application of geodesign strategies and methodologies to complex sustainable systems. More
ComplexSystems 2

Design Strategies for Geodesign

Carl Steinitz, Mike Flaxman

Determine the effective ways of designing based on problem type, size, and scale. Explore the nature of model complexity required to properly inform geodesign decisions. More
DesignStrategies 3

Extending GIS Technology

Mike Goodchild

Study how GIS technology can be extended to support all elements of a geodesign ontology, including dynamics, interactions, and affordances. Establish the underlying reasons for these extensions. More
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Representing Geographic Space

Bill Miller, Eric Wittner

Explore how best to represent 3D/4D/5D geographic space, including the ability to represent, using an integrated space-time model, everything that is on, below, and above the surface of the earth. More
GeographicSpace 4

Sociology for Geodesign

Mike Flaxman, Stephane Roche

Explore the social components of geodesign, its social environment and how it can be used to facilitate citizen engagement. Establish an effective social infrastructure for geodesign. More
GISCollaboration 4

Geo-Spatial Economics

Caitlin Christina Smith

Explore the role of economics in geodesign, including how economics can be used inform the overall geodesign process and how the process can be used to inform those interested in, and responsible for, economic considerations. More
GeoSpatialEconomics 2

Input-Output Modeling with GIS

Bill Miller

Explore how GIS can be used to both represent and render the content of an input-output model, including the ability to show, or simulate, how a change in status of one factor can impact the status of related factors. More
IOModel 2

AI for Geodesign

Allan Shearer

Study the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and geodesign and the possible use of inference engines for establishing and clarifying design assumptions. More
ArtificalIntelligence 5

Diagrams for Geodesign

Stephen Ervin

Explore the role of diagrams in geodesign and how they might be used to represent digital objects and processes as integrated components in digital design. More
GeodesignDiagrams 2

3D Geo-Allocation

Leilei Duan

Traditionally, population and employment allocation results are displayed on 2D maps without visioning the changes to urban form. Adding a third dimension to allocation results opens the opportunity to explore future urban form and density interactively. More
3dAllocation 2 1

Quality of Life

Leilei Duan

To measure quality of life, impact factors from physical health, psychological factors, social relationships, and environment need to be considered. Scenario planning/analysis serves as a good strategy to provide alternatives, given the complexity in the nature of quality of life. More
QualityOfLife 2

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Ervin, Stephen M., "A Proposed Map of a Geodesign Research Agenda: Eleven Key Questions in an Eight-pole Space", Proceedings Digital Landscape Architecture Conference, Dessau, Germany, 2015. Content available at DASH.