A Geodesign Workflow

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A Geodesign Workflow : Scope of work

The scope of work presented in this section can be applied to any land-based geodesign project, including the preparation of a land use plan, transportation plan, conservation plan, response plan, or action plan.

An interactive PDF of this workflow is available at wrmDesign.

GDWorkflowAnnotatedDiagram 1


Project Definition

   Project Initiation
   Project Reconnaissance
   Goals & Objectives
   Stakeholder Interests
   Issues of Concern

Data Management

   Data Requirements
   Data Acquisition
   Project Database

Condition Assessment

   Analyze Issues
   Suitabilities & Vulnerabilities
   Opportunities & Constraints

   Planning Strategies
   Create Alternate Plans


   Evaluate Alternate Plans
   Select Preferred Plan

Implementation Strategies

   Implementation Plan

Project Documentation

   Reports & Presentations
   Project Website

Project Acceptance

   Project Acceptance

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Miller, William, Geodesign Project Workflow, private papers, March 2016. Contents available at wrmDesign.